My Photos

Most photos are taken by Canon G3, which was stolen from me at French Alpes (with all photos - shame on the theif!) then I had Canon A380, and then I bought again my favorite, the one, the only, The Canon G3. I am thinking about some new camera.

  • Our Apartment at Bethlehem [October 2006]
    We finally moved into University owned rental complex. It's safe and nice neighborhood, since the are is full of grad students and postdocs. We bought a car, old 2.0L Mazda 626 from 97' with some tricky problem. I figured it out and now the car is no joke, now it is really faithful
    [7 pics]
  • Paintball in the Poconos [October 2006]
    We went to Skirmish Paintball Fields in the Poconos at Jim Thorpe, PA with a bunch of people from Lehigh University. It was first time Sylvia ever played Paintball and maybe second time for me. It was really great fun!!
    [8 pics]
  • Our Wedding [September 2006]
    Dream wedding at Las Vegas! After we moved to America, we got married on September 17th 2006 at the Little Church of West at Las Vegas, Nevada, with our great friends from Max Planck and UCLA, Martti and Erika.
    [24 pics]
  • Kirchberg Workshop [March 2006]
    Once again, Kirchberg International Workshop. Not only skiing on sunny slopes and Glühwein or Jägertee, but also 'serious' late night get-together discussions among world class researchers from UCLA, Cambridge University Engineering and my friends from Max Planck Institute. Note both Chen-Wei Liang's Kung Fu and the famous singer duo, Martti & Erika.
    [24 pics]
  • Southwest USA [October 2005]
    Our photos from four states: Colorado, with Garden of the Gods, scenic roads of New Mexico, with Taos, Santa Fe and Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, badlands and Bisti Wilderness area. Arizona, with Petrified Forest and absolutely magnificent Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam between Arizona and Nevada, and Las Vegas, the world capital of gaming and entertainment.
    [54 pics]
  • Tarzania and Dunajec [August 2005]
    Summer vacation with Sylvia. Enjoy the adrenaline rush at Tarzania rope park near Liptovsky Mikulas and 'plte' rafting on Dunajec river, at the borders between Poland and Slovakia, in Pieniny Mountains.
    [20 pics]
  • London [August 2005]
    Few photos from our London vacation. We saw it all: From double-decker to the Tube, from Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace, from Fish and chips to Parliament, from Big Ben to Tower Bridge, from Natural History Museum to British Museum and Imperial War Museum, from Regents Park to Harrods,...
    [50 pics]
  • Sweden [July 2005]
    Collection form the NT 05 Conference at Gothenburg (or Göteborg in Swedish). Photos from the city, sea trip, port, and naval museum. The trip to Marstrand coast and famous Carlsten Fortress, which was used as prison. Famous swedish criminal Lasse-Maja was there.
    [29 pics]
  • Kirchberg at Tirol [March 2005]
    Photos from IWEP conference at Kirchberg near Kitzbuhel at Tirol region of Austria. The region is famous for great ski and snowboard slopes, nice pensions and sunny weather.
    [9 pics]
  • Karneval at Switzerland [February 2005]
    Early spring trip to Switzerland. Flower hours at Zurich, visit to Zug where was great Karneval (or Fastnacht or Fasching in German) Parade. The Swiss Transportation Museum or Verkehrshaus der Schweiz and the Mirror Maze at Luzern. Final photo is from Zugberg.
    [26 pics]
  • Nantes & Paris [October 2004]
    Photos from French cities of Nantes and Paris. There are charming Japanese Gardens and Aquarium at Nantes. Paris is as beautiful as ever, and, if you have only few hours, do not miss photographic point called Le Samaritaine, it is conveniently located, you can get up free, there is nice Cafe at the top and very few people know it.
    [10 pics]
  • Paragliding [August 2004]
    Paragliding course organized by an excellent instructor, Peter Mensak, former representant of Slovakia. It takes only 6 summer days, you fly in Nizke Tatry mountain range, with new gliders and equipment from Sky Paragliders. The course is organized by the M-Fly school and ends up with test for the PK-A Paragliding licence.
    [12 pics]
  • Barcelona [July 2004]
    The mid summer 'micro-vacations' at Barcelona with Sylvia. Photos from port, latin district and some famous Gaudi architecture. The late evening trip to Park Guell. Gaudi's architecture is like from dream, absolutely impressive.
    [14 pics]
  • Ottawa [April 2004]

    Instead of going to NASA JSC at Houston, Texas I ended up at the capital of Canada at Ottawa. I absolutely do not regret it, because Ottawa is one of best places I ever visited. Clean streets, friendly, educated people, nice parks with daffodils, beautiful Parliament. Ottawa is (for me) a symbol of Canada, which itself is a great marriage of American and European cultures and systems, enhanced by a British touch.
    [37 pics]

  • California [March 2004]

    Scientific meeting at Anaheim, my first time at California. Los Angeles, beach, Pacific coast and of course Hollywood. But the most exciting was Joshua Tree National Park, where two deserts meet. There is rocky, high elevation Mojave desert and lower, more hot Colorado desert. Place have beautiful wildlife and rock formations.
    [20 pics]

  • Belgium [February 2004]
    Weekend at Namur at Belgium with Andrea Szabo, short trips to Antwerpen and Brussels and also famous belgian pralines and chocolate shop. Chocolate was just amazing and diamond museum and exposition at Antwerpen is worth of seeing.
    [11 pics]
  • Sinsheim Museum [February 2004]
    Absolutely breathtaking technical Museum in Sinsheim, close to Heilbronn. You can see tons of planes, cars and bikes. See yourself gems like Focke-Wulf Fw-190, Tu-144, Albatros, Starfighter, BMW Isetta, Tanks, Missiles and 1/2 of Porsche 911
    [30 pics]
  • Beer Fest Cannstatt [October 2003]
    Second largest beer festival at Europe, Cannstatter Wasen or Volkfest, takes place between september and october. You can see huge beer tents, taste Swabian food and get drunken. Festival is started by traditional carneval-like march.
    [42 pics]
  • Switzerland [September 2003]
    Photos from conference at Lausanne, with trip to the famous Château Chillon, which did inspired Lord Byron to wrote poem The prisoner of Chillon. On our way back to Germany, we stopped at Rhine Waterfall at Schaffhausen.
    [9 pics]
  • Ruins of Lichtenstein Castle [September 2003]
    Short one-day late summer trip with colleagues from Max Planck, with Viera, Kalman and Katka to the ruins of Burg Lichtenstein near Reutlingen. Castle was repaired and looks really nice.
    [6 pics]
  • Strasbourg [August 2003]
    Strasbourg - the capital of Alsace - is only 2 hours from Stuttgart. We visited it few times, pictures are from trip with Vierka, Vilo Vretenar and Kalman. The best sight are channels, cathedral and old town.
    [10 pics]
  • Bratislava & Smolenice [August 2003]
    Slovak capital Bratislava is nice town with small historic district and some fancy statues in the streets. Then we visited Smolenice Château, owned by Slovak Academy of Science, and also magical limestone Driny Caves.
    [15 pics]
  • Hohenzollern Castle [August 2003]
    Trip to Hohenzollern Castle, situated close to Stuttgart, near Tübingen. There is lovely view form the Castle and inside is small arms exposition. They have nice library, Crown of Wilhelm II and some small things once owned by Frederick the Great.
    [8 pics]
  • My Apartment at Stuttgart [August 2003]
    My first apartment at Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt. It is lovely place to live, quiet, clean, safe, situated less than 5 minutes from S-bahn stop Nuernbergerstrasse. Public transportation at Stuttgart is excellent.
    [9 pics]
  • The Ancient Bologna [July 2003]
    Enjoy the taste of Italy, enjoy Bologna, truly beautiful medieval town, where life flows like molten gold. For many centuries. University is old, summer is hot, wine is strong and pasta? Pasta is perfect. Bologna is known for great Tagliatelle al Ragu, lasagne and tortellini.
    [13 pics]
  • Research at Bologna [July 2003]
    My visit to Organic Spintronics and CNRS Bologna (Prof. Carlo Taliani), including photos of the experimental Channel Spark Ablation (CSA) setup for production of nanotubes and other nano carbon.
    [10 pics]
  • Julian Alps [July 2003]
    Magic beauty of Julian Alps revealed. Breathtaking views form Via Ferrata (climbing paths) tour at Slovenia and Italy. Photos of monumental Triglav, hidden lakes, mountain animals, rare flowers and also Lake Bled.
    [24 pics]
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